This page summarises the main roles on the branch committee. In practice, many responsibilities are swapped and shared between members.

In addition to the roles listed, the committee welcomes general members to join the committee without taking a specific role.


The chair role is largely administrative. Many activities falling under the chair can be delegated making the time commitment what you are prepared to give.

Chairs branch meetings. Oversees branch administration, finances and campaigns (including Good Beer Guide and pub awards). Ensures internal and external communication are effective. Report and represent the branch at regional meetings. Deals with discipline.

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Supports the Chair and deputises in their absence.

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The role of the Branch Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Branch. The main responsibility is the minuting of branch meetings (although can be split to have a separate minutes secretary) along with organisation of branch meetings and agendas.

Make arrangements for meetings (in liaison with social secretary. Circulate agendas and minutes. Maintains committee membership on the Membership Database.

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Maintains records of all financial transactions of the Branch via the CAMRA online accounting system.

Pay all debts, issue invoices and collect all money owing to the Branch. Maintain a list of all assets owned by the Branch. Prepare a Profit and Loss Account and Balance sheet annually and ensure these final accounts are audited before presenting to Branch AGM.

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Membership Secretary

Primary role is to recruit and retain CAMRA members and improve the level of activation within the Branch.

Contact new Branch members. Act as the link between the central Membership Team and the local branch on membership matters. Placing membership forms in pubs and running membership stands at suitable events. Ensure that new faces (particularly new members) are warmly welcomed at any event they attend.

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Pub Campaigns Co-ordinator

Coordinates pub campaigning activities within the Branch either initiated locally or nationally.

Work with WhatPub Coordinator to maintain WhatPub database on all pubs (including non-real ale pubs) within the branch. Work with the Pubs Preservation Officer to assist local campaigns to save pubs within the Branch area from closure or unwanted changes. Encourage Branch members to provide updates on pubs in the Branch.

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WhatPub Co-ordinator

Works as part of a team to keep up to date on all pubs within the Branch boundaries via the online interface (including openings, closures and changes of details). Act on feedback from members and non-members submitted via WhatPub. Encouraging and organising active branch members to survey pubs and to provide updates on pubs.

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Public Affairs Officers

Two positions, one for a Trafford resident and one for a Manchester resident.

The public affairs officers lead liason with and lobbying of Local Councils, MPs, MEPs and other political representatives within the Branch encouraging them to support CAMRA's campaigns.

Encourage Branch members and public to take part in postcard, letter and e‐mail campaigns to lobby MPs, Councillors/ Local Council etc on specific campaigns. Work with Branch Publicity Officer to publicise where individual politicians have been responsive to CAMRA’s lobbying. Work with Pubs Preservation Officer (if different person) to lobby local Councils to adopt planning policies which give greater protection to public houses.

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Pub Protection Officer

Coordinates campaigning activities about protecting pubs from closure or damage including Identifying pubs which could benefit from Asset of Community Value status and coordinate the application process.

Gather information on any likely threats to pubs. Assist local campaigns to protect pubs. Be aware of local Council policies which concern pubs e.g. on planning. Work with the Public Affairs Officer to lobby local Councils to adopt pub protection polices.

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Manages & develops the Branch websites (currently as part of a web team).

Liaise with Branch Committee members (particularly the Social Secretary and Publicity Officer) to ensure that the information on the website is kept fresh and up to date and reports on branch activities and events. Deal with any technical issues with the website and it’s host.

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Social Media Coordinator(s)

Run branch Twitter and Facebook accounts. The branch does not currently have Instagram or Google+ profiles but these could be added. Can be split so different people run different accounts.

Keep the accounts updated, promoting branch activities and campaigns, pub & brewery news. Engage directly with CAMRA members, pubs and members of the public, responding to their questions and ensuring the branch is represented in the communities.

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National Beer Scoring Scheme Co-ordinator

Maintain records of all beer scores manually or electronically received from members (majority of scores are now submitted via and automatically stored on Report on beer scoring to branch meetings to encourage members to score more. Prepare data on average beer scores to determine the Good Beer Guide selection shortlist.

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Social Secretary

Organises social activities of the Branch including pub crawls, brewey trips and away trips. Can organise venues for branch meetings Publicise events via What’s Brewing / Branch newsletter / Branch website.

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Cider Rep

Encouraging, promoting, and campaigning for real cider and perry at branch level (and beyond if inclined). Keep up-to-date records on cider pubs, cider makers, and distributors in Branch area.

Encourage pubs that don't stock real cider or perry to do so and pubs that do to extend their range (maintaining the quality). Act as the Branch expert on cider and perry related issues and campaigns.

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Press & Publicity Officer

To generate publicity for CAMRA within the Branch boundaries.

Liaison between CAMRA & members of the press and other media. Issue press releases on newsworthy topics (e.g. Pub Of The Year). Foster relations with local media and keep records of media contacts.

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Branch Contact

Acts as CAMRA contact for the Branch.

Receives all correspondence from within CAMRA. Acts as public contact for anybody wishing to make contact with the branch, directing contact to the appropriate committee member.

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Young Members Contact

To be a contact for the young members of CAMRA within the Branch who may not connect with older more established members. Arrange social events for young members, initiate and implement ideas to recruit new Young Members.

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News Group Signup

To join the branch news group, e-mail:-

thcamra+subscribe (at)

The Campaign for Real Ale

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