Bootleg Brewery has been hard at work getting beer production up to scratch, producing regular and consistent beers.
In this effort Erin has been supported by new owners, Holt’s, and their pub specialist, Lloyd. He has been a sound source of advice and back-up. Having the resources of a large brewery to hand has enabled Bootleg to refine the regular beers while developing new recipes with different hops.
Brewing twice a week to maintain supplies to the Horse and Jockey, beers are also being distributed to 3 other outlets. The current new beer, Lion’s Pride, is a one-off commission to celebrate the rugby, and is made solely with English hops. At 4.2% it is browner than other‘s in the range, bitter at first but with an underlying sweetness to the finish.
A wheat beer is being planned for the summer to follow on from the success of the recent Chorlton Spring. The wheat beer will be launched at Chorlton Beer Festival on 5/6th July.

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