With brewster Erin Guy going on maternity it is Jack who takes up the reigns at Bootleg this autumn.

The opening beers - Contraband and Lawless - will be rested for now while other styles are developed. The regular beers for the present will be Chorlton Pale Ale, USA IPA, with new beer Racketeer as a permanent. This last is a 4% copper coloured ale, with a smooth mouth feel. The hops come through late while initial tastes have a light caramel feel. The stronger USA IPA at 5.5% has been mellowed from the original, but remains a definite American style, with the addition of dry hops.

A lager is being produced in time for the next Joktober fest. At 4.4% it may also be bottled in the future. Future plans may include more beers being bottled.

Joktober fest kicks off on 27th September with live music and a terrace bar..

Bonfire Night will see the welcome return of Treacle Stout. Look out for the Winter Solstice events too.

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