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We are thrilled to announce our Green Hops Beer that was recently grown fresh from the rooftops of Horse & Jockey pub where our micro-brewery is based has been harvested and fermented to create a new autumn beer.

Stefano Occhi pouring Green Hop Ale
Stef Occhi pouring a pint of Green Hop Ale.

The beer is a single hopped pale ale and has been named Chorlton Green Hop paying homage to the way it’s been brewed. As most hops are dried before use, whereas our method has been to pick the hops, and use straight away. This unique ale uses fresh Centennial hops directly from the bine to maximise the beer’s aroma giving floral and lemony scents that derives from centennial hops, it is light in colour, refreshing and full of taste.

We had the pleasure of showcasing this new limited edition beer, at our exclusive Green Hop Tasting event at the Horse & Jockey, towards the end of September – it went down a treat! The beer received positive feedback from all who drank it – some of the most discerning beer drinkers – so we’re delighted that it got the big thumbs up!

Bootleg Brewing Co.’s Head Brewer; Stefano Occhi added “I would like to thank everyone who came to our Green Hop Tasting event, and it was great to receive such positive feedback for the beer. I have enjoyed brewing this beer as it gave me the opportunity to grow our own hops that we then used for the beer – giving the beer a soft, floral and refreshing taste like no other.”.


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