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The branch committee are elected at the branch Annual General Meeting and serve for a term of one year.

To contact a committee member, see the contacts page


 George Elmslie


 Mark Reeves


 Caroline O'Donnell


 Bob Dunbar

 Minutes Secretary

 Bob Dunbar

 Membership Secretary

 Beth Ingham

 Social Secretary

 Jon Gobbett

 Pub Campaigns Coordinator

 Beverley Gobbett

 Pub Protection Officer

 Tim Field

 Clubs Officer (acting)

 Dave Wade
 Contact chair (at) thcamra.org.uk if interested in volunteering

 NBSS Co-ordinator

 Caroline O'Donnell

 Press & Publicity Officer

 VACANT - contact chair (at) thcamra.org.uk if interested in volunteering

 Cider & Perry Officer

 Paul King

 Public Affairs Officer (Trafford)

 Mark Hardman

 Public Affairs Officer (Manchester)

 Chris McCoy


 David Wade

 Assistant Webmasters

 John O'Donnell; Mark Reeves;

 Pub Database Coordinator

 Dave Wade (asst by John O'Donnell, Neil Worthington, Mark Reeves)

 LocAle Coordinator

 David Wade

 Social Media Coordinator

 John Craig

 Committee Members

 Tim Field

 Neil Worthington

 Brewery Liason for
 Dunham Massey Brewing Co

 Ali Warrington - blo.dunham (at) thcamra.org.uk

 Brewery Liason for
 Bootleg Brewing Co.

 Heather Airlie - blo.bootleg (at) thcamra.org.uk

 Brewery Liason for Federation Brewery  Dave Wade

 Brewery Liason for
 S.U.B. Brewery

 Steve Sharp - blo.sub (at) thcamra.org.uk

 Brewery Liason for
 Stubborn Mule Brewery

 Jon Gobbett - blo.stubbornmule (at) thcamra.org.uk

 Brewery Liason for
 Royal Brewery


 Branch Contact

 John O'Donnell

 Branch Young Members Contact

 Matt Wood under30 (at) thcamra.org.uk