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After last year's sell out, this year's Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival will have 20% more cask ale than last year.

These will be split over two bars. The LocAle bar will feature beers from local breweries, while the "FarAle" bar will feature  some of the best breweries from the 700 in the rest of the UK. For the first time at Chorlton, some beers will be served via handpump, with the rest served by gravity.

The list of beers delivered to the festival is given below.
We cannot guarantee the availability of any particular beer at any given time.

The CAMRA LocAle Bar

Bank Top Bad to the Bone 4%
A tan-coloured beer with floral qualities and delicate citrus notes.
Bank Top Pavilion Pale Ale 4%
A yellow beer with a citrus and hop aroma. Big fruity flavour with a peppery hoppiness; dry, bitter yet fruity finish.
Beartown Ginger 4%
Malt and hops with the added bite of root ginger produce a quenching blonde beer
Beartown Peach Melbear 4.4%
A blonde beer with a hints of peach in the aroma and flavour
Boggart Blue Moon Rising 5%
A copper-coloured bitter with creamy, fruity malt flavours and plenty of hops.
Boggart Rum Porter 4.6%
A classic porter with a smooth roast finish, enhanced by a sweet spicy hop taste, complemented with a hint of dark rum.
Bollington Chilli Nights 3.9%
A smooth traditional dark ale with added Jolokia Chilli. Very tasty and surprisingly moorish.
Bollington Clement Summer (Festival Ale) 3.7%
A pale beer with new hops to create a citrusy fresh flavour and finishes with a bit of a bite!!
Bollington Light Nancy 3.4%
A low ABV pale beer with good body and grapefruit and lemon hop flavours
Bollington Oat Mill Stout 5%
An Oatmeal Stout with a twist. A hoppy bitter taste keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark beer.
Bootleg Contraband 4.5%
A crisp, dry pale ale, very hoppy with a hint of citrus.
Bootleg Lawless 4.7%
A somewhat dry taste, this copper coloured ale has a hint of spice in the nose and a slight presence of caramel in the after taste.
Bootleg STout Clement (Festival Ale) 4.4%
A smooth, easy-drinking stout with subtle hints of coffee and chocolate and a long, dry finish
Coach House Blueberry 5%
Pale in colour with a light delicate bitterness and the natural flavour of Blueberry.
Coach House Ostlers Summer Pale 4%
Distinctive light golden coloured beer fully fermented to give a dry clean taste. German aroma hops are used in this summer ale to give the impression of a lager aroma.
Dunham Massey East India Pale Ale 6%
It is a strong, light, hoppy, bitter ale, brewed at 6%, using all English malts and hops. Just as the beers were back in the day!
Dunham Massey Gold 7.2%
Belgium style English Ale, strong, light, and fruity, with a hoppy finish
Dunham Massey Honey Beer 4.3%
A light and hoppy ale that is fermented using Duerr's honey which give it a subtle sweetness
Dunham Massey Stout 4.2%
Duham Stout is a creamy, full bodied all English dry stout, with a classic bitter, burnt, dark roast flavour
George Wright Blonde Moment 4%
Pale bitter made with Pilsner malt. A tangy hop character and a slightly dry finish.
George Wright Pipe Dream 4.3%
Refreshing hoppy best bitter with a fruity nose and grapefruit to the fore in the taste. Lasting dry, bitter finish.
Happy Valley Black Magic 4.6%
This full bodied hearty stout is a real meal in a glass. Ideal for those days in front of the log fire.
Happy Valley Lazy Days 4.2%
Golden coloured Ale made with the very best Maris Otter and Crystal malt, with a hoppy finish.
Happy Valley Sworn Secret 3.8%
Pale straw coloured ale Strong Hop character provided by Hersbrucker aroma hops. It has a very pleasant hoppy nose with a citrusy aftertaste.
Happy Valley Tie the Knot 5%
Straw coloured IPA brewed with Maris Otter Malt with a late finishing hop in the copper
Hornbeam Summer IPA 4.5%
A light amber beer with a grapefruity, zesty finish.
Hornbeam X Ray Ale 4.1%
Liverpool Organic Honey Blonde 4.5%
Blonde beer brewed with honey
Liverpool Organic Josephine Butler Elderflower Ale 4.5%
A light hoppy ale, made with Organic Elderflower
Marble Chocolate 5.5%
A strong, stout-like ale.
Marble Summer Marble 4.5%
Always brewed with lots of the best hops of the year, this beer is always golden in colour and intensely hoppy in the Marble house style.
Millstone Tiger Rut 4%
A pale, hoppy ale with a distinctive citrus / grapefruit aroma
Millstone True Grit 5%
A super straw-coloured ale using only Chinook hops from the US.
Outstanding Ginger 4.5%
Light brown beer with a noticeable hint (not overpowering) of ginger in the nose and flavour.
Outstanding Sold Out 3.9%
Rarely available golden ale made with NZ Riwaka hops, very with a creamy mouthfeel and a citrus aftertaste.
Outstanding Stout 5.5%
A true representation of the beer style, Thick, jet black, bitter, with liquorice and strong roast flavours in the finish.
Outstanding Wit 5%
A cloudy wheat beer with earthy, spicy, lemony flavours.
Phoenix Midsummer Madness 4.5%
Blond beer with a fresh hop aroma leading to a clean dry lingering finish.
Phoenix West Coast IPA 4.6%
Brewed in the style of a traditional IPA, this robust, golden ale has a full hop aroma, powerful and full-bodied palate and plenty of hop flavour in the long, lingering finish.
Prospect Blinding Light 4.2%
A pale refreshing beer with citrus and spicy notes.
Prospect Silver Tally 3.7%
A clean, pale golden beer with citrus aromas and full hop flavour, and a dry bitter finish.
Tatton Ale 3.7%
"An easy drinking session ale with a rich copper colour. The beer has a full malty/toffee flavour for its gravity, balanced by a soft bitterness and hoppy, fruity taste and aroma."
Tatton Gold 4.8%
A golden special ale with a maltiness backed by a robust hop character.


The FarAle Bar  
Abbeydale Alchemy 4.2%
An assertively hopped pale gold beer with elderflower notes and a lasting bitter finish.
Abbeydale Dr Morton's Hair Extinguisher 4.1%
A pale beer, full of flavour with grassy herby notes and a bite of lemon peel. A balanced bitter finish. Really refreshing and more-ish.
Ashover Butts Pale Ale 5.5%
Pale and strong yet easy to drink golden bitter. Combination of bitter and sweet flavours mingle with an alcoholic kick, leading to a warming yet bitter finish and aftertaste.
Ashover Licquorice Alesorts 5%
"Rich black stout made with black malt and crystal rye, has root liquorice added in the boil. Together wit a gentle hopping for a very palletable finish."
Brampton Best 4.2%
Standard session bitter, brewed using only traditional and classically english malt and hop combinations
Brampton Golden Bud 3.8%
A well balanced light, golden, hoppy bitter.
Dark Star Hophead 3.8%
An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a floral aroma & elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. This beer is full bodied and full flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer for many.
Gadds Seasider 4.3%
A mellow easy drinking ale brewed with a little crystal malt and a lot of goldings hops. Just a very decent malty body & a balancing sweet hop flavour.
Gadds She Sells Seashells 4.7%
Light & hoppy with a clean fresh bitterness & zesty hop flavour.
Hardknott Cool Fusion 4.4%
A pale ginger beer that has had chilli added to the mix
Hardknott Dark Energy 4.9%
Dark, fruity, bitter, spicy. Galena and Wilamette hops and a grist mix as complicated as an astrophysicist's equation.
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 3.5%
Crisp and fruity yellow beer with hints of melon and grapefruit and a strong bitter aftertaste.
Kirkstall 3 Swords Pale 4.5%
Very pale and spectacularly thirst-quenching. Three different hops give this beer a delightful citrus nose.
Kirkstall Black Band Porter 5.5%
A full bodied yet beautifully smooth dark porter. Perfectly balanced
Kirkstall Dissolution IPA 5%
Delicious amber ale with a substantial hop kick.
Moor Illusion 4.5%
"Black in appearance but with intense hop aromas and flavours. All the wonderful hop profiles of a pale ale inside a silky black exterior. "
Offbeat Odd Ball Red 4.2%
A delicious ruby red ale with masses of Columbus hops giving a spicy flavour and finish. The bold fruitiness of this ale will surprise the uninitiated but you'll be back for more!
Offbeat Way Out Wheat 4.5%
A naturally cloudy wheat beer with oranges and coriander.
Raw Anubis Porter 5.2%
Smooth roast malt and mild coffee flavours with a lingering bitterness and gentle hop aroma
Raw JR Best 4.2%
Traditional Brown bitter with sweet biscuit malt flavours. Smooth balanced bitterness.
Thornbridge Kipling 5.2%
Golden blonde beer with an exquisite passionfruit, gooseberry and mango aroma. An initial sweetness and full body are balanced by a lasting grapefruit-like bitter finish.
Thornbridge Sequoia 4.5%
American Amber Ale