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Listed below are the 90 cask ales which have been delivered to Chorlton Beer & Cider Festival 2013 - the largest range of beers we've ever had at Cholrton. There will be approximately 10% more beer available than in 2012.

Please note that there are a few changes to the list published previously and which will be in the festival programme.

We will endeavour to have as many beers as possible available at opening, but we cannot guarantee that any particular beer will be available at any particular section. 

Beer Style ABV
4Ts (Runcorn, Merseyside)
Citra GA 4.0%
Single hop brew ,mass aromas of fruits very refreshing
Keep Calm B 3.7%
A pale refreshing beer with traditional hops throughout the brewing process. A great session beer for any drinker.
Side BB 4.8%
A dark tawny coloured bitter with a mouthful of complex flavours. A full body with a refreshing dark hoppy after taste.
Abbeydale (Sheffield, South Yorkshire)
Deception GA 4.1%
A pale beer packed full of flavour, made with fabulous Nelson Sauvin hops. Fruity aromas, strong citrus flavours
Moonshine BB 4.3%
A beautifully balanced pale straw-coloured premium bitter. Distinctive floral aroma, leading to a predominantly citrus taste.
Beartown (Congleton, Cheshire)
Bear Ass B 4.0%
Ruby red, malty bitter with good hops on the nose and a fruity flavour, going on to end with a dry bitterness.
Ginger Bear Sp 4.0%
The flavours from the malt and hops blend with the added bite from the root ginger to produce a superbly quenching blonde ale.
Peach Melbear Sp 4.4%
This unusual and distinctive beer has a sweet aroma of peaches and elderflower, perfectly balanced by a hoppy bitterness
Polar Eclipse S 4.8%
A dark oaky black stout. Soft aromas of treacle and burnt toffee. Leading to a taste full of complex flavours or coffee, molasses and roasted barley.
BlackEdge (Horwich, Greater Manchester)
American Pale Ale GA 4.2%
Pale and Hoppy. Plenty of west coast American hops are added to this to give a delightful citrus hit, pleasing aroma and a smooth finish.
Black Port Sp 4.9%
Deliciously complex, roasted coffee and chocolate flavours with a hint of liquorice and sweet port finish.
IPA India Pale Ale GA 4.7%
Hopped with US Willamette, Cascade, Columbus, Summit hops. Full bodied, full flavoured & well balanced, hoppy & intensely citrus with grapefruit aromas.
Blackjack (Manchester, Greater Manchester)
Belma Single Hop IPA BB 5.2%
Part of Blackjack's single hop series. Belma is a new hop variety. Expect grapefruit, strawberry & lemon grass on a clean pale malt base.
New Deck B 4.2%
Traditional hoppy, Golden bitter
Shuffled Deck GA 3.8%
Pale session ale, with a hint of grapefruit
Summer Oddington GA 4.0%
Brewed exclusively for Chorlton's Oddest Bar (& siblings Odd & Odder). Brewed in the Manchester style, pale and hop forward with balanced bitterness.
Blue Monkey (Giltbrook, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire)
BG Sips GA 4.0%
A pale and intensely hoppy beer. Enticing tropical fruit aromas, finished with a good level of thirst quenching, almost peppery bitterness.
Marmoset GA 3.6%
A highly hopped citrusy session beer with a deliciously dry finish. Pale malt, bittered with Magnum and flavoured with Citra hops.
Boggart (Newton Heath, Greater Manchester)
Cascade B 4.0%
A bitter hoppy session ale made with an abundance of cascade hops
Rum Porter P 4.6%
Classic porter with a smooth roast finish, enhanced by sweet, spicy hop taste with a hint of rum.
Bollington (Bollington, Cheshire)
Dinner Ale B 4.3%
Deep copper coloured beer with a fresh slightly fruity nose, a traditional style bitter with a dry hoppy finish
Long Hop GA 3.9%
Pale lager style bitter with fruity refreshing hops, former summer special brewed for cricket lovers now a permanent beer.
White Nancy B 4.1%
A pale coloured Best Bitter with lots of body and good fruity taste but not overly sweet.
Bootleg (Chorlton, Manchester)
Black Market S 4.4%
An easy drinking stout with hints of chocolate and coffee
Chorlton Pale Ale GA 4.0%
A refreshing pale ale with a hint of citrus and a freshing dry finish. Housebeer at Horse & Jockey
Weiss Sp 4.1%
Festival beer. Cask conditioned wheat beer brewed with a special German wheat strain and saaz hops.Naturally hazy with aromas of bananas & cloves.
Brightside (Radcliffe, Greater Manchester)
Darkside S 4.6%
A full bodied, intense black stout dominated by smoky espresso coffee flavours.
Dune GA 4.5%
A well balanced golden ale, fruity on the nose and balanced with a light malty base. Great for summer drinking,
Golden Break M 4.2%
A fresh and zesty session 'style' ale that has a bit more of a backbone from the slightly higher ABV. Sedge Lynn
Inn Crowd M 3.8%
A dark mild, full bodied and rich with caramel notes but not heavy. 100% English hops.
Buxton (Buxton, Derbyshire)
American Rye BB 4.3%
A hoppy amber ale, a complex mash of Marris Otter pale malt, Rye, Caramalt & Wheat. Marmalade/ citrus bitterness, balanced by sweetness of the malt
Gold GA 5.2%
Refreshing golden beer with a wonderful aroma and flavour coming from its Amarillo, liberty and Nelson Sauvin hops
Moor Top GA 3.6%
Highly hopped, light ale, refreshing
Cheshire Brewhouse (Congleton, Cheshire)
Bondi Blues BB 6.3%
A marriage of galaxy & nelson sauvin made in heaven, Blonde fruity and hoppy, makes life a beach!
Engine Vein B 4.2%
A copper coloured session bitter named after the Alderley Copper Mine
Dancing Duck (Derby, Derbyshire)
Dark Drake S 4.5%
Delicious malty, caramel and liquorice flavours combine wonderfully in a smooth drinking velvety, oatmeal stout
dcuk GA 4.3%
A great aroma and powerful upfront hoppy bitterness give way to an explosion of citrus and pine flavours. Not for the faint hearted!
Dunham Massey (Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester)
Chocolate Cherry Mild Sp 3.8%
Award winning dark mild with a dry hint of cherry that cuts through the beer.
Mildly Ginger Sp 3.8%
A creamy, malty, easy drinking light mild, spiced with ginger.
Slitten Brook Stout S 4.0%
Part of the new Lymm Brewing Company range based at Dunham Massey's new brew pub in Lymm, Cheshire.
Summer Meadow GA 4.3%
Light & hoppy with hints of citrus & blackcurrant.
First Chop (Salford, Greater Manchester)
AVA GA 3.5%
A beautiful hoppy blonde. Extra pale malt, classic Czech ‘noble’ aroma and fruity Australian hops combine to punch well above its weight
HOP GA 4.1%
Three varieties of whole hops from the US and one from Slovenia are added through the boil and finally to the cask. Session beer with massive hop flavours.
Happy Valley (Bollington, Cheshire)
Black Magic P 4.6%
A rounded flavour of traditional Stout and Porter. The use of Oatmeal Dark Roasted Malt and Roasted Barley gives this ale the full "Meal in a Glass".
Small & Mighty B 3.6%
A clean, crisp & refreshing Ale. Made with Citra Aroma hops in the copper. A lasting, floral, citrus aroma with a hint of Lemon.
Happy Valley / Electrik Ale Experiment (Bollington, Cheshire)
Blackout XO S 4.4%
A dark complex  stouter matured with 25yr old Barbados rum. Long after taste of chocolate malt ,roast barley and lingering rum.
Livewire BB 5.0%
A chestnut coloured ale,great depth of flavour with a citrus,plum and grapefruit finish. Aroma hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Summit hops.
Hawkshead (Stavely, Cumbria)
Dry Stone Stout S 4.5%
A traditional dry oatmeal stout. Named in celebration of one of the defining features of The Lake District - dry stone walls.
Lakeland Lager Sp 5.0%
It's lager, but its tasty. Pale, with restrained but fresh hop character from European lager hops.
Windermere Pale GA 3.5%
Very pale, very hoppy. Maris Otter Pale Ale malt with a bit of wheat. Signature aroma hop is Citra.
Marble (Manchester, Greater Manchester)
Earl Grey IPA BB 6.8%
With timed additions of earl grey during fermentation, heavy infused hopping,this has a citrus fruit aroma, smooth sleek texture with hop notes brilliantly complimented by bergamont and a light tannic finish.
Ginger Marble Sp 4.5%
This full bodied copper coloured beer displays a delicate blend of cloves, coriander and heaps of fiery ginger.
Pint GA 3.9%
This dry session bitter has a light malt base carrying a wonderful display of New Zealand hops, notes of citrus and grapefruit.
Medieval (Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire)
Crusader BB 4.4%
Pale ale that is slightly sweet with a refreshing citrus finish.
War Of The Roses GA 4.6%
Golden ale slightly sweet with a bitter finish.
Oakham (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire)
Citra GA 4.3%
A light refreshing beer with pungent grapefruit, lychee and gooseberry aromas leading to a dry, bitter finish.
Endless Summer GA 3.4%
An intensely dry and bitter beer loaded with citrus hops.
Offbeat (Crewe, Cheshire)
Dotty DIPA BB 7.2%
Big hoppy, double IPA...you love your hops then this is the beer for you!
Oddball Red B 4.2%
A delicious ruby red ale with a blend of American and New Zealand hops for a spicy finish.
Way Out Wheat Sp 4.5%
Hefeweizen style wheat beer, a slightly sweeter edge with coriander & orange peel. Bubblegum & banana on the nose give this a full fruit bowl of aromas.
Outstanding (Bury, Greater Manchester)
Blond BB 4.5%
Pale and lightly bittered with citrus flavours and a floral nose.
Dulcimer Golden Loom GA 3.9%
This pale golden beer is a well balanced session ale with new world hops giving it a zesty grapefruit note.
Tragedy Black IPA 0 4.9%
Dark, smooth and highly hopped.
Project Venus / Welbeck Abbey (Worksop, Nottinghamshire)
Venus Red BB 4.6%
The latest collaboration brew from Project Venus, the gathering of Brewsters (female brewers) getting together to make great beer.
Quantum (Stockport, Greater Manchester)
American Light GA 3.6%
A pale ale, with bags of hop character
Beagle Best B 3.8%
A dry-hopped amber session bitter with hops from 3 different countries to get perfect balance between hop bitterness and biscuit malt flavour.
Ginger Stout S 5.2%
Fairly dry stout with a whack of spiciness from the Celeia, Saaz and Triskel hops, backed with ginger spice and warmth. Jay K and Mark R (CAMRA)
RedWillow (Macclesfield, Cheshire)
Ageless Sp 7.2%
This big American style IPA provides a huge initial hit of mango, lychee and pineapple, followed by a long, clean bitter finish.
Faithless XXII BB 5.2%
A continuously hopped IPA, the latest part of the highly regarded Faithless range of experimental and speciality beers.
Headless B 3.9%
Refreshingly floral Pale Ale with a restrained orange-led bitterness and a light, straw-hued colour.
Sleepless Sp 5.4%
A complex beast of an American Amber Ale, initial rich toffee malt gives way to big juicy hops and a long clean bitter finish.
Roosters (Knaresborough, North Yorkshire )
Wild Mule GA 3.9%
Brewed using New Zealand’s Nelson Sauvin hop, Wild Mule is a new world, session-strength, pale ale with a kick.
YPA GA 4.1%
A pale, aromatic, summer ale that offers up delicate peachy and berry fruit flavours for your taste buds to feast on.
Thwaites (Blackburn, Lancashire)
13 Guns BB 5.5%
A US inspired IPA. Hops, hops and more hops... totally awesome! (absolutely marvellous to you and I)
Little Bewdy GA 4.2%
Pale ale brewed with Australian hops. Floral hop aroma with a balanced and mellow hop character.
Nutty Black M 3.3%
Curious smooth dark mild mild. One of only four beers ever to win the Champion Beer of Britain twice!
Wainwright B 4.1%
Named after Alfred Wainwright, renowned Lakeland author. Wainwright is a refreshing golden ale with subtle sweetness & delicate citrus fruity overtones.
Tiny Rebel (Newport, Gwent)
Billabong BB 4.6%
Made using Australian hops this pale ale is full of flavour with hints of citrus
Fubar BB 4.4%
A unique schizophrenic beer where you'll face off against floral hoppy flavours up front, leading into a dry spicy bitterness on the back.
Titanic (Stoke, Staffordshire)
Cappuccino Stout S 4.5%
Brewer’s & the barista’s talents magnificently combine the original dry Titanic Stout with the flavours of warm, enveloping smooth cappuccino.
Iceberg Sp 4.1%
Maris Otter pale malt & fine wheat malt, plus Yakima Galena and Cascade hops give this refreshing wheat beer real zest
Sundeck B 4.3%
A tan coloured beer with hop character developing in the rounded flavour.
Ulverston (Ulverston, Cumbria)
Fra Diavolo M 4.3%
A dark, rich beer with aromas of roasted maltsand flavours of bitter chocolate, espresso coffee with a hint of vanilla.
Harvest Moon GA 3.9%
A golden beer infused with soft fruit flavours for all year round enjoyment
Lonesome Pine Sp 4.2%
A pale, honey beer with sweet malts followed by tangy citrus fruits. Refreshing all the year round
Wilson Potter (Middleton, Greater Manchester)
Bon Don Doon GA 4.2%
A refreshing blonde beer made with Columbus and Perle hops.
In Shreds BB 4.7%
A refreshing pale ale with notes of pine & lemon from Green Bullet & Motueka hops
In The Black S 4.2%
A rich, dark, stout with a fruity, roasted malt aroma and taste with a liquorice finish.
XT (Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire)
XT 2 GA 4.2%
A refreshing golden ale made with English Pale & Munich Malts, combined with Bohemian & American hops to give a real international flavour.
XT 4 B 3.8%
An amber beer with a special Belgian malt and a fruity mix of American and European hops. Very addictive.


Style Guide
B Bitter
BB Best Bitter / Strong Bitter
GA Golden Ale
S Stout
P Porter
M Mild Ale
Sp Speciality (Fruit & spice flavoured ales & special styles)