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The Goverment has announced changes to the Small Brewery Relief Scheme which could drasticly reduce the choice of beer available.

Please sign the petiion to have these changes reversed


The microbrewery beneath the Old Abbey Taphouse in Greenheys has a new lease of life formerly titled the Craftsman brewery some new blood are trying their hand at the 100 litre kit.

Chris Buxton and Graham Harkis both enthusiastic home brewers have upped their game to start producing initially for the Old Abbey itself and then further afield with a small bottling operation in their immediate sights. They have named the new operation the Souled Out brewery reflecting the music heavy reincarnation of the parent pub which by the way offers ales from the Brinkburn Street brewery, a rare sight in these parts. When opening times called a preview of the first brew was tried, a smoked stout, although the brew was not quite ready it was very promising indeed.