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The Goverment has announced changes to the Small Brewery Relief Scheme which could drasticly reduce the choice of beer available.

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There are three breweries currently brewing within the Trafford & Hulme CAMRA branch boundary.

See below for the latest brewery news, or click on the logos/links to filter the news by brewery or for brewery contact details.

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Rtwo Dtoo Brewery
The Steamhouse, Urmston


For details of other local breweries see the localelogo section.

With brewster Erin Guy going on maternity it is Jack who takes up the reigns at Bootleg this autumn.

The opening beers - Contraband and Lawless - will be rested for now while other styles are developed. The regular beers for the present will be Chorlton Pale Ale, USA IPA, with new beer Racketeer as a permanent. This last is a 4% copper coloured ale, with a smooth mouth feel. The hops come through late while initial tastes have a light caramel feel. The stronger USA IPA at 5.5% has been mellowed from the original, but remains a definite American style, with the addition of dry hops.

A lager is being produced in time for the next Joktober fest. At 4.4% it may also be bottled in the future. Future plans may include more beers being bottled.

Joktober fest kicks off on 27th September with live music and a terrace bar..

Bonfire Night will see the welcome return of Treacle Stout. Look out for the Winter Solstice events too.

Paul ScrimshawThe latest brewery to open in the Trafford & Hulme area is also one of the smallest. Craftsman Brewery is located in the cellar of The Old Abbey Inn on Manchester Science park and at time of writing was brewing on a 100 litre plant - a little over half a barrel or 175 pints. The first test brew was completed in the middle of March with the first beer - an English Bitter in the Taylors Landlord style - going on sale at the pub on 4th April - and selling out in one night. Opening Times tagged along a week after the launch when local branch Trafford & Hulme were invited to the pub to sample the beers.

Head Brewer is Paul Scrimshaw who has a long history in the licensed trade ranging from wine trader to landlord - in the T&H area he's had stints at The Steamhouse in Sale and Lloyds in Chorlton, but this is his first foray into actually making the drinks. The tiny plant has been supplied by North Wales' Powell Brewing (www.powellbrewing.co.uk) who specialise in nano-brewery kit mainly for home brewers.

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