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The Goverment has announced changes to the Small Brewery Relief Scheme which could drasticly reduce the choice of beer available.

Please sign the petiion to have these changes reversed


CAMRA's Definition of Real Draught Cider & Perry:


  1. The liquid content before fermentation must consist entirely of non-pasteurized apple (cider), or pear (perry) juice
  2. No apple or pear juice concentrates to be used.
  3. Normally, only the sugar naturally available in the fruit should be used to cause fermentation, but in years when the level of natural sugar in the fruit is low, the addition of extraneous sugar to aid fermentation is acceptable.


  1. No pasteurization to take place during the production process in relation to the cask product.
  2. No added colourings to be used.
  3. No added flavourings to be used.
  4. There must be no artificial carbonation for draught products.
  5. Sweetener may be added to fully fermented Cider/Perry to make it sweet or medium.
  6. The addition of water is permitted to bring the alcoholic content of the Cider/Perry down to the level required by the producer. Ideally, however the minimum juice content should not be lower than 90% volume.
  7. No micro filtration allowed (this takes all the yeast, leaving a "dead" product).