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  • Locale_pumpsFewer "beer miles" result in less road congestion and pollutionThe local economy benefits because more money is spent and retained locally
  • Pubs stocking local real ales usually have more sense of community than mass marker drinking barns 
  • Drinking locally brewed real ale will offer more choice & diversity for your taste buds 
  • An increased sense of local identity and pride can assist tourism


 From the early days of brewing right up to the latter part of the 20th century, the norm was for pubs to sell locally brewed beers, either from a local town brewery or brewed on the pub premises. By the end of the 20th century the opposite was true, the vast majority of beers sold were trucked from a few large factories and only a relatively small number of local brewers survived.

More recent times has seen the public become aware of "food miles" - a measure of the environmental impact of transporting food from often far away sources to table. "Beer miles" is the equivalent measure for the beer you drink. Thanks to the remaining local family brewers around the country and particularly Britain's microbrewery revolution, drinkers have a real alternative to drinking beer shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles to your local.