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On March 16th this year CAMRA will have been formed for 40 years but on January 25th this year Nancy Swanick will have been the Landlady of the Peveril of the Peak for 40 years.

This is an iconic Manchester pub which is also on the CAMRA National Inventory for pub interiors and in this case, exteriors also.  Everybody knows it by the fantastic display of tiles on the exterior and wonderful wood and glazing on the interior.  This pub was originally built around 1829 by the same man who built the Manchester to London stagecoach of which is takes it name.  When it was first built it had two storeys of drinking rooms making six separate rooms but most of the upstairs was removed at the turn of the last century when it was re-built giving it the famous tiled exterior we all know and recognise today.  It is also reported to be haunted by a local ghost.


The Peveril of the Peak circa 1972

Nancy Swanick and her family came to the pub in 1971 when it was clearly a Wilsons pub.  This picture was taken in 1972 showing the roads still open around the pub.  CAMRA and locals got together in the late 1970’s to fight the City council against demolishing the pub for a road widening scheme.  It is now an Enterprise pub and as it is Grade II listed it has managed to remain in a small island surrounded by redevelopment.  Fans of the ITV programme Cracker may have picked up that three episodes had filming which took place in the Peveril of the Peak.

Maurice, one of Nancy’s sons now runs the cellar and a fine job he does of it too.  This pub has appeared in the Good Beer guide from 1980 to 1987 and then 1990 to 2006 making no less than 25 times and is about to receive the Trafford & Hulme Winter Pub of the Season Award 2010 / 2011.

The Peveril of the Peak circa 2010

The local branch will be making a presentation to Nancy on Tuesday 25th January from 8pm to celebrate her outstanding service to us all and to Maurice for the Pub of the Season.

We hope that as many friends of the Peveril of the Peak will be able to attend and make this a very memorable evening for Nancy and her family.  You can find the pub at 127 Great Bridgewater Street, M1 5JQ.