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Trafford & Hulme CAMRA is working to protect valued local pubs by listing them as Assets of Community Value.


Want to list your local pub as an Asset of Community Value?

There are three ways to nominate your pub as an ACV.

  • Download CAMRA’s Online Nomination Form from the national website and fill out the details with information on your local pub. CAMRA HQ will then send these details onto the Tafford & Hulme CAMRA Branch representative to submit to the Council
  • Fill out the local council form yourselves and CAMRA's Support Team will provide you with the land registry documents needed to submit the application. Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Contact Tim Field, Public Affairs Officer, T&H CAMRA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will help you through the process

Why is listing an ACV so important for the Branch?

  •  Have more of a say over what happens to pubs in your local community. You will be consulted if any pub you have nominated is threatened
  •  Nominating your pub removes the permitted development rights which ensures the pub is protected in planning law should it come under threat
  • Connect with other local groups, members of the community, MPs and Councillors to campaign to protect your local pub
  • Engage positively with licensees 

Getting Pubs listed as an Asset of Community Value is a key Campaign. The branch has been  concentrating on pubs which could be \"at risk\". The table below shows the current progress. 


Pub Sponsor Decision Comments
The Salisbury Ale House, City Centre T&H Camra 21/08/15 Approved. Pub now in Central Manchester Branch
Bowling Green, Chorlton T&H Camra 21/10/15 Approved.
The Beech, Chorlton T&H Camra 01/12/15 Approved.
Old Market Tavern, Altrincham T&H Camra 25/01/16 Approved. Disposal notice issued on 02/03/16 which suspends possibility of community sale up to Sept 17 but pub still listed as an ACV to Jan 21.
The Vine, Sale T&H Camra 15/03/16 Approved.
The Carter’s Arms, Sale Moor T&H Camra (Submitted 8/12/16) Objection lodged on 11/11/16 to application for houses on part of existing car park. ACV application being prepared with Landlord.
The Bay Malton, Altrincham Friends of Oldfield Brow Cow Field  (Submitted 18/08/16) Progress being chased with local community group.


Information for Community Groups

Nominating your local as an ACV ensures it is protected in your community. Currently a pub can be demolished or converted to several other uses without a planning application – meaning your local can be converted over night without your knowledge! ACV status ensures that this cannot happen – and the local community has a say should it come under threat.


How do I nominate a pub?

1. Decide who you are nominating on behalf of. You can either nominate as an unincorporated group of 21 local people, as a Parish Council or in connection with the Trafford & Hulme CAMRA Branch.  

2. Go to your relevant Council website (Trafford or Manchester) and look up the section on Assets of Community Value or Right to Bid. Here you can download a nomination form. 

3. Fill in the form with as much detail as you can on why the pub should be classified as a community asset.

4. If nominating as an Unincorporated Group, demonstrate that at least 21 people from the local community support the listing of the pub.

5. Check your local council website to see where the nomination needs to be submitted.

6. Request a receipt from the local authority to acknowledge they have received the form as planning protection will be granted at the point of nomination. 

Further Contact

For further help and advice please contact:

Tim Field – Public Affairs Officer, Trafford & Hulme CAMRA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.